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An Assertive, Court-Ready Trial Lawyer Serving Steuben & Surrounding Counties

Christopher M. Tunney Is Always Ready to Represent You in Court

Christopher M. Tunney is an experienced trial lawyer providing Steuben County clients with decisive and successful legal representation. His firm, Tunney Law, has a well-earned reputation for resolving various legal difficulties, including criminal offenses, family law, real estate issues, and civil litigation. Not only is Mr. Tunney’s versatility a strength, but he uses a personalized and compassionate approach to each case. By combining his experience working for Jones Day – one of the world’s largest and most prominent firms – and his local practice, he has perfected a results-driven approach. Place your trust in Mr. Tunney.

lawyer talking to client

Our Personalized Approach Gets Satisfactory Results

While proposing plea deals is a valuable skill for any attorney, Mr. Tunney is always willing and ready to represent you in court. He is an experienced trial attorney, and his firm has the resources to mount an aggressive defense in any civil or criminal matter. Tunney Law‘s employees – and Mr. Tunney – always get to know clients to offer personalized representation. By understanding that no two clients or cases are identical, Mr. Tunney and his team can resolve issues professionally and capably.

Successful Criminal and Civil Representation

Mr. Tunney and his team can handle everything from misdemeanors to felonies – including non-violent and violent offenses. Criminal cases are our specialty, but we also have vast experience in civil issues and personal injury cases. No matter the circumstances of your case, you can count on an aggressive defense or strategy, ensuring the best possible result.

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Place Your Trust in an Award-Winning Attorney

When you are in a legal situation, you need to find an attorney with the experience to protect your interests. Mr. Tunney graduated from Fordham University School of Law and is a member of several organizations, including the Steuben and New York State Bar Association and the New York State Association of Criminal Attorneys. He served as the Assistant District Attorney of Steuben County from 2009 to 2012 and received the Archibald R. Murray Public Service Award. You can trust Tunney Law.